What is included?

Do you want to learn how to make the most amazing floral cupcakes? On this course with Flour Girl Cupcakes, Katie takes you through making the most delicious cupcakes, creating your buttercream and then decorating 6 floral cupcakes. You can take this course at your own pace and learn from your own kitchen. 

The skills you will learn on the course:

-    How to make perfectly flat and fluffy cupcakes
-    How to make buttercream
-    How to colour your buttercream
-    How to fill a piping bag including for two tone colours
-    How to pipe six buttercream f

The flowers you will learn on the course:
 - Hydrangea
- Daffodil
- Peony
- Primrose
- Rose
- Spray Rose 

Access length for the course: 

You will get 6 months access to this class from the date your purchase.

Course curriculum

    1. Method, Equipment and Ingredient List

    1. Ingredients you will need

    2. Preparing your mixture

    3. Putting your mixture in your cupcakes cases

    4. Your baked cupcakes

    1. The ingredients you need

    2. Making your buttercream

    3. Adding your colour

    4. Preparing your piping bags

    5. Flat icing your cupcake

    1. Piping a Hydrangea

    2. Piping a Peony

    3. Piping a Rose

    4. Piping a Stray Rose

    5. Piping a Daffodil

    6. Piping a Primrose

    1. Well done on completing the course

About this course

  • £45.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Your Instructor

Flour Girl Cupcakes


As a florist and mother of three little girls, Katie has always been surrounded by flowers and baking! Flour Girl Cupcakes combines her passion for flowers and love of baking. Katie specialises in baking delicious, fluffy cupcakes decorated with vanilla buttercream flowers, bringing you bites of floral joy!